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31 January 2010 @ 09:28 pm
and he ain't seen me crazy yet  
i don't know why i've started listening to you. i hated you. i blame the sister.

 i missed you. i did. and i'm glad it's all getting better :)

you're my best friend. i love how we can tell each other anything, and sunday afternoons at my house are the best.

and my twin, same to you. we really are the same person. why must you graduate?

and you. just give up, really. it's sad. i actually go to practice hoping you won't show.

i feel like i haven't talked to you in ages...we used to be so close...how did that happen?

i'm still glad you're not here, but at least we're not at each others throats anymore.

and yall, really...are you trying to make my life so much harder? i guess it's your job, but this is crazy. imma be GONE in a year and a half. so treat me like an adult.

"me and dr. carreker...in the bathroom...before 2nd period...every day...."

the fact that you sit in front of me in bible makes me so happy. happy bunny. it's all i can do not to make ears on the smartboard.

and you. you make me happier than i thought you would, and i really care about you :)
MUSIC: gunpowder and lead - miranda lambert