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i'm giving up everything for you .

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the girl

so my name is meredith, and i'm a teenager from georgia. that's about all you're going to get out of me. i'm really involved in theatre, and i love it to death. i'm a tomboy at heart, and i love football, baseball and bloody movies. probably because i grew up with a bunch of guys. but yeah. i'm usually pretty apathetic and tend to just go with the flow instead of making a big deal out of things. i tend to be a nice person; i don't bite, i promise.


i play both guitar and piano, and trip over almost everything in my path. i love italian food more than i could ever say, and i'm loud and tend to make an idiot of myself quite frequently. but i'm not as stupid as i probably seem. i'm just easily bored and think about weird, random stuff that no one else ever does. i have the most amazing friends in the world, and definitely don't deserve them. i love them all so much.


twilight. harry potter. gossip girl. broadway. football. team jacob. ron/hermione. harry/luna. chuck/serena. chuck/blair. nate/serena. pretty much every pairing on gg besides nate/jenny. chuck bass in general. british people. that 70's show. donna/hyde. spring awakening. the godfather. batman. my chemical romance. cobra starship. the jonas brothers. panic at the disco. rent. scrubs. swimmers. atlanta falcons. bones. brennan/booth. glee. all time low. tim tebow. snl. andy samberg.


something’s started crazy
sweet and unknown
something you keep
in a box on the street
now it’s longing for a home
and who can say what dreams are?
wake me in time to be lonely and
sad and who can say what we are?
this is the season for dreaming

&hearts, 300, 3oh!3, 8 mile, ac/dc, across the universe, alesana, alex gaskarth, all time low, america's next top model, andy samberg, atonement, baseball, batman begins, bones, brad pitt, brendon urie, chewing gum, chicago, chris pine, chuck bass, chuck/serena, cobra starship, david cook, donna/hyde, eclipse, extras, fall out boy, fangirling, food, fort minor, france, gaspard ulliel, gerard way, glee, gossip girl, green day, guitar, guitar picks, harry potter, heath ledger, heroes, hershey pies, hot rod, hugs, imagination, james mcavoy, jd/elliot, jonathan groff, juno, kill bill, kristen bell, laughing, law & order, linkin park, lord of the rings, michael phelps, movie trailers, movies, mr. and mrs. smith, music, my chemical romance, nate/serena, new moon, nickelback, nighttime, panic at the disco, paramore, phantom of the opera, piano, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, plain white t's, pretties, radiohead, rebel angels, red jumpsuit apparatus, remember the titans, rock, roger federer, root beer floats, ryan lochte, scarlett johansson, scott westerfeld, scrubs, singing, skandar keynes, slaps, sleeping, snl, snow, speedbumping, spherical coke, spiderman, spring awakening, star trek, star wars, starbucks, sum 41, swimming, sylar, that 70's show, the beatles, the bourne identity, the bourne supremacy, the breakfast club, the dark knight, the godfather, the hush sound, the killers, the lion king 2, the matrix, the moon, the notebook, the postal service, the prestige, the princess bride, the used, theatre/drama, three days grace, tim tebow, twilight, uglies, vampires, van helsing, wicked, zach braff, zachary quinto